1. A best friend allows you to be yourself.
You can be yourself with  your best friend! Your Best friend knows you well, so why fake it? They know your good and bad sides and they accept your flaws, imperfections and quirks. It doesn’t really make sense for you to pretend,  because they love you for who you are , unconditionally.

2. Your best friend will call you out for your wrongdoings.
 Your best friend will never want you to suffer the consequences of your misdeeds. Being the person who knows you best, and will be totally honest with you, he/she will gently remind you of your wrongs and help you get back on track.  Indeed, a true friend will never be afraid to tell you things you refuse to admit about yourself.  

3. Your best friend  helps you build resilience.
When you have someone you can confide in, someone who is there even during the ups and downs of your life, you may be able to bounce back stronger and happier. With your best friend’s support and advice you will learn to face and solve your problems. Having a best friend can help you get through life’s challenges.

4.  Your best friend  reduces anxiety and stress.
Do you feel stressed out? Spend some time with your best friend. A small study titled “The presence of a best friend buffers the effects of negative experiences,” shared on the American Psychological Association (APA) PsycNET website showed spending quality time with your best friend can help alleviate stress and make you feel better. Researchers found that kids who were with their best friend didn’t produce as much stress hormone cortisol as kids who weren’t around a friend during stressful or unpleasant times.  

5. Your best friend helps reduce your risk of illnesses.
Having a best friend can help you prevent and deal with serious health complications. In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers found that quality friendships make life-threatening diseases less frightening and less deadly. A study published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society reported that having friends reduces your risk of illnesses like dementia, while a study by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research revealed strong friendships could mitigate the symptoms of depression.  

6. Your best friend  helps you live longer.
Do you want to live longer and be happier?  Make more best friends. Numerous studies have proven the link between strong friendships and longevity and survival.

7. Your best friend  makes you feel like you belong.
Your best friend provides you a sense of belonging, even if you are different or have different beliefs or tastes. They welcome you into their family and home; introduce you to their other friends; and, to some extent, find ways to include you in their groups, and organizations.

8. Your best friend  makes you feel valued and appreciated.
One blogger defines friendship as the “medicine of the soul.” Indeed, friends who listen and empathize with us are more valuable than gold, for they value us and help us value ourselves, and discover our self-worth. If you’re having trouble, you know that your best friend will listen and advise as best they can without judgment. They help you get your problems and frustrations off your chest. And when there’s something to celebrate, they will share in your joy.  

9. Your best friend  motivates you to work harder.
Studies by Gallup and LinkedIn state that having a best friend at work could help boost your job satisfaction, keep you more engaged at work, and make you more productive, and more positive about your career growth.  

10. Your best friend  Influences your success.
As said earlier, having a best friend at work helps improve your work ethic, raise your standards, and boost your career growth. Their own success story could inspire you to be like them and encourage you to become a lot more ambitious, and build a successful mindset.

11. Your best friend  boosts your morale.
The person you consider your best friend knows you have potential, and they know you will succeed in any venture you undertake. They help you understand how great you are. In such a way, you become more confident in your abilities and chances of success. It’s a great feeling to know that you have someone who believes in you, someone who knows you’re already a winner, even before you start.

12. Your best friend  makes you feel happier.
A best friend makes you smile and laugh for any reason or even without a reason. Studies have also proven that having a close friend around can lift your mood, and people with more friends tend to be happier, healthier and more positive about their survival.

13. Your best friend helps break up your routine.
Your best friend knows the danger of you falling into a routine, which is why they often encourage you to try out new things in your life or change some aspects of your life. They invite you to go places with them, try out new hobbies, etc. They want you to hang out with them at times, and you should. This will help put you back in touch with who you really are deep inside.

14. Your best friend  extends a helping hand.
Know  you are never alone when you have a friend who is always ready to share not only your good times, but will also help you get through tough times.  Your best friend stands by your side no matter what. There is great comfort in the knowledge someone is there to encourage you when you’re down.

15. Your best friend  gives you a sense of purpose.
Your best friend serves as a great reminder that one should live not only for themselves, but also for others.  One rises by lifting others!

 Your best friend’s selfless acts might inspire you to regain your humanity, and see the good in others amid life’s challenges.  

            I hope you have a best friend! And I hope you are counted as someone’s best friend!

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