Significance of Reading for Young Children

It is undeniable that the first thing a child is taught is reading. Reading is a building block for a child as they go through in life. If you are a parent, encouraging them to read allows them to have a headstart in life. Even if you are not a teacher, you are to be your child’s first teacher as learning starts in the walls of your home. Parents can help foster reading from an early age despite it being a milestone associated with grade school. Start raising a reader for your child’s benefit, as this touches every stage of your child’s development. Raising a reader can be fun and rewarding, but sometimes it can be challenging. Learning to read is a complex process, and most of the time, kids struggle with reading. A child will differ from another child. They will need extra help from you. You should not expect a lot from your child. It takes a great deal of time and effort to raise a reader. However, you will be rewarded with boundless outcomes of reading.

There are several steps you can take to encourage reading, one of which is building a reading habit. Introduce your child to children’s books from great authors, like Penny Higgins and Roald Dahl. Check out their books to set up your child for success. Literacy is all about exploring and developing. Thus, this article will provide reasons why reading is significant to young children.

Builds Relationships

Reading is an activity that both parent and child alike will enjoy. This is the perfect bonding activity you and your child can do. A fulfilling activity that must be encouraged regularly. A young child does not understand the basics of a relationship. By reading together, you can create an opportunity to build a closer and tight relationship with your child. Moreover, reading helps a child understand and empathize with others. This trait, empathy, allows a child to create relationships with others. The long-term impact of reading beyond skills and qualities opens new opportunities and experiences to a child. Hence, your child will grow into a kinder and smarter person who can create fulfilling relationships with other people.

Higher Level of Creativity and Imagination

Play supports creativity and imagination; however, reading books offers a higher level of creativity and imagination. The more a child reads, the more enlightened they become of the world and reality. A child will dive deeper when reading, opening up their minds to new possibilities and ideas. To which help the child experience and analyze the world through other people’s lives. Reading is how children learn about the world. Creativity and imagination are critical in child development and also more important than knowledge. Thinking is power, as these are a higher order of thinking. A higher level of creativity and imagination leads children to use the ideas formed in their heads to inform their work.

Prepare Academic Success

The more children find passion reading books, the more they will likely achieve skills and academic success. Reading prepares your child to start the academic year. Going to school entailed facing plenty of learning challenges. However, reading helps increase your child’s chances of passing through it and rising the ladder. But, how can reading help in academic success? Reading has been linked to a range of outstanding academic and professional outcomes. Having access to information is a necessity, and books are full of it. Everything a child reads fills his/her head with new bits of information to come in handy in life and school. The more they read, the more knowledge they have, and the more they are equipped to tackle anything in school. Reading is not only a practical skill but a tool to enrich young minds.

Cultivates Lifelong Love of Books

Introducing your child to reading children’s books early in their age, you cultivate this passion and love towards this. They will find reading for pleasure and cognitive development. Motivating a child to want to read practices them to read books and become book lovers independently. They will find joy in reading. Reading creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for children. This welcoming atmosphere increases the likeness of children to read. Reading will, then, become a habit through their older years.

Means of Amusement

Reading is not only a skill a child needs to succeed in life. It can also be defined as a necessity to relax and enjoy precious leisure moments. The role of reading as a means of entertainment is slowly diminishing due to the rise of never-ending screen time. Many can argue that the power of books is gradually diminishing. Despite that, expose your child to books to encourage reading as leisure and entertainment. Reading books are far better than all gadgets which can harm your child. Introducing them to books will increase children’s possibility of reading for pleasure over other activities when he/she is bored.

In conclusion, every day reading must be a high priority for young children. It is a crucial element of every child’s education. Reading is essential for any child to grow into successful people in their journey through life.


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